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Don't settle for anything less. The New 99.1FM KGX news is independent of any network or chain. That means none of the bias or slant on the news you've had to put up with from CBS, ABC or even FOX news. Our news presenters don't get in the way of the stories they're covering. It's not about them and their six-figure salaries and egos --- it's about telling you what's happening now, in a clear, concise, un-varnished approach.

More News, More Often

Nobody gives you more news every hour than 99.1FM KGX. We've got you covered with two news breaks every hour, and whenever Breaking News happens. Mornings, we have even more news, more often during the Armstrong & Getty show. What's going on... is on right now... on The New 99.1FM KGX.

Meet the KGX Real News Team.

Steve Kastenbaum

Senior Correspondent & NY Bureau Chief, proud native Brooklynite. Steve started his news career at 1010-WINS in New Yawk, and has covered Ferguson, Bridge Gate and a host of breaking news stories.

Bob Costantini

Bob's reported for Fox, NBC, Tribune  and CNN. He's covered the White House, Capitol Hill, Supreme Court and was at the White House when Bill Clinton made his finger-wagging denial about Monica Lewinsky.

Jim Roope

Jim's reported in the Los Angeles market for years at storied stations such as KABC, KFWB and KNX. He's won 12 Golden Mic and three Peabody Awards for excellence in journalism, but who's counting?

Christopher Cruise

Cruise anchors the morning news at 99.1 KGX. He's also a features writer and voice talent, with a wealth of knowledge about credit scoring, news writing, mortgage loans and the Vietnam War.

Chas Henry

A combat-decorated veteran of the Gulf War, Chas graduated with honors from USC. His news assignments have  taken him to more than 30 nations on five continents. He's reported from Iraq, Afghanistan and Qatar.

Michael Toscano

Toscano is a well-regarded and seasoned news veteran. An interview with the casting director of Veep landed him a cameo appearance on the HBO show as the King of Jordan.

John Trout

Trout has worked nearly every job in radio, including on-air host, newscaster, sales manager, and program director. His radio stops include Indianapolis, Virginia Beach, Pittsburgh, PA and Washington DC.

Skip Essick has been at the helm of some noteable News-Talk radio stations including KMJ/Fresno, WOOD Radio/Grand Rapids, WHAS/Louisville and WJR/Detroit.

Skip's expertise is local radio news --- sniffing out what's happening in our desert, and bringing it to you with fresh, timely reports; mornings on KGX.

Listen for Skip's local news at the top and bottom of every hour, weekdays during Armstrong & Getty, only on the New 99.1 FM and 920AM, Real Talk KGX.