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Beyond Reality

9-11pm, Mon-Fri on Real Talk KGX.

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Join Jason Hawes, co-creator of Ghost Hunters, and JV Johnson, publisher and editor of TAPS ParaMagazine, as they explore all things paranormal, weeknights from 9-11pm on KGX.

From ghosts to conspiracy theories and everything in between, Jason and JV attempt to explain the unexplainable.

Says Jason, "Our mission is to talk about the weird and have fun doing it. We are here to discuss serious topics of the Normal, Abnormal and everything in between. Asking the hard questions many won't and doing it all while interacting with our listeners and poking fun at ourselves, is what our show is all about.

Take a break from all the political and heavy talk of the day, and check out Beyond Reality; weeknights 9-11pm, on The New 99.1 FM and 920AM --- Real Talk KGX.