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Get A Bigger Bang For Your Advertising Dollar

It's like buying Google at 85.... or Apple at 50. Well, we don't want to oversell the opportunity, but get in on the ground floor, while the gettin' is good.

The New 99.1FM and 920AM KGX delivers high quality, Real Talk programming, hyper-targeted to the active, upwardly mobile 35+ adult audience in the Coachella Valley. We're long-time broadcasters, and long-time Valley residents --- we didn't just parachute in from some random city to do the same thing we do in 50 other markets --- mainly because these are our only two radio stations. We're committed (consumed?) every hour of every day to building the strongest, most desirable audience and delivering it to you, our advertisers.

First, The New 920AM KGX has the strongest AM signal in the Valley. At 5,000 Watts Day and 1,000 Watts Night, our 4-tower antenna array is located on 28-acres of prime real estate in Palm Springs, at the corner of Vista Chino and Gene Autry Trail. From this primo site we blast into every nook and cranny of the desert and beyond. Our simulcast FM, 99.1, beams down on the valley from high atop Edom Hill, just north of the 10 in Palm Springs.

Next, we've hand-picked the talent and programming line-up that we believe will appeal to the unique (picky?) tastes of Valley listeners. Let's face it; we all came to the desert because it's a couple of tweaks different than almost anywhere else you could live. We thrive on the funky, post-modern, tiki-influenced vibe that we call home. What's happening, is what's on KGX. It's Real Talk, without the yelling and fake outrage.

If you like what you hear on the radio, and you notice more and more of your friends, family and customers talking about The New 99.1FM and 920AM KGX, perhaps we should talk. We're not high-pressure, 'one-size-fits-all' radio sales weasels with a hard monthly quota to hit. We're here to help you get results. And we'll be here tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that.

Call now and let's begin the conversation - 760-844-1800.